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Speaking topics​

Alice is regularly invited to speak at external and internal company events. She is an excellent facilitator and has chaired events for international conferences, as well as being brought in to help internal teams negotiate business strategy. 

Here are some examples of topics where she can deliver a keynote or run a workshop.


“Ethics by design"

  • When you design or engineer a product, you believe that it will have a positive impact on your target market. But do you have the resources to think about how your technologies might affect society as a whole? This evening workshop will introduce you to the basics of ethical thinking and will help you implement ethics in your working day.

"Ethics of AI and algorithms"

  • This workshop will focus on the ethics of algorithms, artificial intelligence, privacy and democracy and will include: an introduction to ethics of artificial intelligence, data collection and algorithmic processes, an introduction to IEEE ethically aligned design framework and workshopping through different thought experiments and scenario planning.

"Privacy, democracy and technology"

  • How can you build technologies which don't interfere with the democratic process if you're not entirely sure what democracy is? This crash course in democratic theory ties together loose ends about why privacy is so important to citizens, and helps you design products that work for society, and not against its axiomatic values. 


 “Are we more polarised than ever before?” 

  • How do we conceptualise polarisation online and offline? What role does social media play in polarisation? What is the difference between polarisation and disagreement? This talk has mainly been given at NGOs and tech organisations whose products may contribute to a polarised society.



Alice is a confident and intelligent speaker. Here are a couple of videos of her on BBC News and BBC World News.

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