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"Why ethics must be built into tech development" FT, December 2021

"Why business can't afford to ignore tech ethics" FT, December 2020


"The words we use in data policy, putting people back into the picture" with Defend Digital Me, September 2021

"Beyond the Binaries" - Compass Online, September 2021

Why does privacy matter? Because our freedom is at stake” – Incognito Metomic Blog on Medium, February 2020

Six ‘solutions’ which won’t fix polarization” – Open Democracy December 2019

I want my business to be ethical – now what?” – Incognito Metomic Blog on Medium November 2019

Democratic truth – a guide for the perplexed” – Medium November 2019

The imperative of mutual recognition” – Open Democracy February 2019

Black Mirror isn’t just predicting the future – it’s causing it” – Quartz January 2019

What’s so bad about polarisation?” – Drugstore Culture October 2018

Can you oppose abortion and still be a feminist?” [on Mutual Recognition] – Drugstore Culture November 2018

There really is no free speech campus crisis”– Drugstore Culture November 2018

Escaping from the echo chambers of politics” – Open Democracy March 2017

You can break out of your echo chamber and here’s how” – May 2017

The crisis of meaning” on The Echo Chamber Club blog – May 2018

New theory of echo chambers” on The Echo Chamber Club blog – January 2018


Social Revolution - BBC Radio 4 - Positive Thinking May 2022

Ofcom, harm and content regulation” - BBC News – Beyond 100 Days February 2020

Data rights and the digital citizen - Tortoise Media July 2019

Fake news and democracy - BBC News – Beyond 100 Days February 2019

Data and Democracy - BBC World News January 2019


Literature Review on Elections, Political Campaigning and Democracy” – Oxford Technology and Elections Commission September 2019

Divided Britain?” – The Policy Institute at Kings College London (contributor)

The Global AI Index” – Tortoise Media December 2019 (researcher)



Common Vision - “Creative Approaches to Thorny National Conversations”
Centre for Technology and Global Affairs – “Social Media Polarization over Brexit”
New Breed Network and Wellcome Trust – “What is… Truth?”
Ditchley – “Overcoming Difference”
JRRT Conference – “How Should We Regulate Digital Environments?”
HumaniTech LSE – “Understanding Agonism and Polarisation”
House of Beautiful Business – Resident
Centre for Progressive Technology – “The Internet and Regulation”

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