Alice Thwaite is a technology ethicist. She teaches ethics to technologists publicly via and with General Assembly and works as a freelance consultant, writer and speaker.

She is the founder of the Echo Chamber Club - a philosophical institute dedicated to improving democratic information environments.

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Alice has an MSc from the Oxford Internet Institute and an MA Cantab in History and Philosophy of Science from Cambridge University. 

As a freelancer, she consults on a wide range of issues. Recent projects include;

  • Forming regulation proposals for technology and elections for Oxford University

  • Implementing a framework for the Global AI Index at Tortoise Media

  • Establishing the funding principles for researching the public sphere for a major philanthropic organisation

She regularly appears on national television to discuss issues related to technology and society. Recent appearances have included Al-Jazeera and BBC News. Occasionally, she writes investigative and opinion pieces for media outlets like Tortoise Media, Quartz, and Open Democracy. She's a keynote speaker, who has been invited to speak on 3 continents in front of small & large audiences.

Alice leads an organisation called the Echo Chamber Club which seeks to improve democratic information environments. The ECC organises a quarterly meet up at Newspeak House in East London, where we invite CEOs, professors, heads of think-tanks and prominent journalists to give short provocations, followed by conversation and networking. We also look to produce reports on the philosophy of the public sphere.

Alice is also part of a number of not-for-profit networks dedicated to improving how technology impacts democracy & society.


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Highlighted Projects and Articles

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How can we be different and still get al

Tech ethics workshops for professionals

I'm working to build a modular tech ethics course for professionals which is accessible, affordable and flexible. I currently run 3 public workshops with accompanying seminars and private tuition on 3 subjects.

  • Ethics by design - overview and human rights

  • Ethics of AI and algorithms

  • Privacy, democracy and technology

Net worthy: how to get budget and buy-in for tech ethics

This manual shows professionals how to win budget and buy-in for tech ethics. It has tactics, step-by-step guides and even an ethics ROI calculator

Elections, political campaigning and democracy

I was asked by the Oxford Technology and Elections Commission to produce a literature review on how the digital influences elections. Such a fantastic opportunity to read many interesting books and it had a great reception from government, academics and civil society. Download from the Oxford Internet Institute here:

The imperatives of mutual recognition

A lot of my work looks at the question: "how can we be different and still get along?" One of my answers is by using the principles of recognition. Read my Feb 2019 article on the subject in Open Democracy.

Polarisation in a digital age

This report details my views on how we can be different and still get along. It views the subject of polarisation through the lens of language, identity and power, and offers some tangible guidelines for technologists who want to build non-polarising products.

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Currently living in London, UK.

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